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Add your call to action over practically any site, doesn’t matter if you own it or not. If it’s online it can be overlayed.


You can edit your call to actions instantly and it will show across all sites that they are shared on.

Nine instant share functions built in, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumpleupon, Delicious, Digg and Vontrake

Overlay Marketing

Simplify Leads works because it’s based on something called: borrowed authority.

It’s the same idea behind putting those “as seen on…” Stickers all over your website. It’s authority by association.

When you use Simplify Leads to create branded, shareable links of other people’s content, what happens is that you are automatically associating your brand, your business, and your offer with the high-level authority of the content that you are sharing…

And it’s 100% legal!

Take Control

Drive Targeted Traffic

With our overlay software, you are able to place your marketing message and drive targeted traffic to any page or offers you may have. No more waiting for potential clients or customers to find your content. Find high authority content that’s related to your offer, place your overlay message and let the magic begin.

Grow your Email List

If you like collecting emails, you can do that too. Our software allows you to add your autoresponder’s code to start collecting those highly targeted emails. We all know in today’s world if you are NOT collecting emails you are leaving money on the table. Our service solves this massive problem.