Why Borrowed Authority WorksWhy borrowed authority works?

The truth is that brand authority works. People buy from products that have established a strong brand authority in their fields. Similarly, websites which have been offering certain services or marketing certain products for a while develop brand authority over time. Once they have this authority, customers and potential customers see them as credible sources and trust their services and products.

However, it takes time to build brand authority. So what do you do if you have a new website or business that is steal building brand authority? How do you generate leads without established authority? Borrowed Authority!!


What is Borrowed Authority and how does it Work?

Borrowed authority simply refers to associating your website with another authoritative website in your niche. This way, consumers and potential consumers can be able to associate your products, services or brand with these already established authoritative websites.

Basically, we are offering website owners and online marketers software that enables them to tap or even ‘legally steal’ brand authority.

Once consumers and potential consumers associate your website with an authoritative website, they will be able to see yours as credible as well. They will be able to trust that the services or products you are selling are also credible and of high quality. With the borrowed authority you gain from associating your business with a credible business, you can be able to generate more leads.

How does Simplify Leads Work?

Generate Leads

Our software enables you to overlay your marketing message and a call to action link on other relevant authoritative websites in your niche. This way, when someone visits these websites, they can be able to see a brief description of what your website offers as well as a link that will direct them to your website should you gain their interest.

Borrow Brand Authority from Authoritative Websites or Brands

When you use Simplify leads to create and share branded links of other people’s content, you are also automatically, marketing yourself. Just be sure that the website you are associating yourself with is offering high quality services, products, or sources.

This is because the content you share reflects on your website and on the services and products you offer. It reflects on your brand and on your credibility. When you create high quality branded content for other credible websites and share them on your own website, you give your products, services or offer the same authority and credibility.

Collect and Build Your Email List

Our overlay software also enables you to collect emails from potential customers and add them to your mailing list. This way, you can target your marketing messages to a target audience that you can be sure is interested in the services or products you are offering.

Simplify Leads is an online marketing software that will significantly benefit your email marketing campaign. It is very compatible with all the major email Autoresponders. Once you overlay another website with your marketing message and call to action link, you will also be able to collect emails from potential consumers.

Market Directly to Target Markets

Email marketing is still a very important form of online marketing. Don’t leave money on the table. Use simplify leads to collect those emails, build your mailing list, and market directly to the target market you want.

The secret is finding high quality content from a website and making sure that the content is relevant to what you are offering. This will definitely lead that websites traffic back to any page or offer on your website.