With our unique and one-of-a-kind technology you can:

FINALLY start adding revenue streams to your business just by simply SHARING OTHER PEOPLE’s CONTENT… And you don’t even have to ask permission to do so…

Turn a simple social content share into 1000’s of brand-new leads in less than 24 hours… Without having to create a single piece of content yourself…

Legally “steal” brand authority from the largest companies in the world… Without having to contact PR people, sit down for negotiations, or even leave the comfort of your home office…

All this for only $29 – Per Month

Overlay Any Site
Add your call to action over any site. It doesn’t matter if you own it or not. If it’s online it can be overlayed.

Built in analytics so users can see exactly what traffic and clicks and views their call to actions are getting.

Collect Targeted Emails
Grow your email list with highly targeted leads using high authority websites. Redirect traffic to any site you like.

Social Share Built In
Nine instant share functions built in, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumpleupon, Delicious, Digg and Vontrake

Create multiple campaigns with different overlays in each section so you can easily split test to see which is working.

Time On Site
Monitor the time that users are spending on the site so you can see if you need to edit your call to actions to make them work better.

Multiple Styles
Make the call to action anywhere on the site and edit it. You get full control of where it is and how it looks.

Live Editing
You can edit your call to actions instantly and it will show across all sites that they are shared on. Make it super easy to change anything.