local-branding-lead-generationWhat is Local Branding?

When we talk about branding, it is very easy to come up with brand names like coca cola, nestle, Vaseline and other brands. All these are big brands everyone can identify with. A local brand is a service/product marketed or distributed within a small and often restricted region. Local branding is therefore a branding campaign strategically aimed at enabling a local business to become a brand on a local level.

Most local business owners do not actually give enough emphasis to building their brands in their budgets. To be honest, between local branding and lead generation, many local businesses would rather spend funds on lead generation. However, local branding is very important for local businesses. This does not necessarily mean competing with international brands.

Lead generation is more focused on attracting and capturing audiences and selling them particular services and products. Branding efforts on the other hand are also about attracting customers but are more focused on capturing these audiences and connecting with them such that they are able to identify with the business (brand) as a whole rather than on its products or services alone.

So what’s the deal? Should you focus more on local branding or lead generation?

All the top brands did not get where they are today by focusing more on one or the other. Both lead generation and branding are key aspects that ultimately contribute to the long-term success of a business. They are both equally vital to a business’ overall marketing plan. Simplify leads can help you generate leads.

However, before you are able to translate these leads into actual sales, these audiences that get to see your products or services will not buy them unless they perceive the said products/services to be of value. Once customers identify with your brand, they will purchase any other products/services you offer or introduce without question. Reason being; they already identify with your entire brand.

Once you understand the benefits and drawbacks of both lead gen and branding, you won’t have to compromise one over the other. Both strategies can strengthen your businesses’ brands) content marketing and catapult your business.

But it takes time to build a brand. So meanwhile, what should you do?

Borrowed Authority!!

This simply means using the authority of developed brands to appear authoritative. Our software allows you to create high quality content for other developed websites and sharing it. This makes your website appear to be authoritative. You may be able to attract people who normally use the products/services of the website you are promoting to try your own products. Over time, you will be able to create your own brand or customer base which connects with your business in its entirety.

Although simplify leads is a software designed to help small businesses generate leads, it can also help you develop your brand. By overlaying other authoritative websites (developed brands) in your niche with your marketing message, you will be associating yourself with reputable brands. Webs visitors who visit these authoritative websites will be able to see your marketing message and call to action.

Although they may not all translate into leads, you will be gradually developing brand awareness by ‘stealing’ the authoritative brands’ awareness. Over time, as people associate your brand with the leading brands you associate your services/products or brand with, your business will be recognized as a local brand.