As much as we like to say yes, we can’t. Some websites are not allowed to be overlayed. You can simply find another site with similar content you like to overlay.

Yes, our software will allow you to collect emails from potential leads. This is actually the best way to use the software. We provide training on how to add your code to the software.

Simply log in to your dashboard and will see your analytics of your overlay performance. This is a great way to see which overlay campaigns are working for you.

Simply let us know by contacting us at “support@SimplifyLeads.com” or simply use our contact form by clicking here

We are currently in the process of adding this feature for those that want to take their email marketing to the next level. This is going to be in a video training format at no cost for our clients.

Yes, we will provide a series of videos showing how to create your campaigns. Its very easy to do. Each video is less than 4 minutes long and they are 4 videos. There’s 1 video for each type of campaign you can create. Click here to access the videos