All Local Businesses Need Email MarketingMore and more local business establishments are using email marketing in their marketing strategies. Why? You wonder.

The answer is simple; email marketing works!

Obviously deciding what marketing strategy to put your resources into is very important for any business. Naturally, you want to choose the marketing strategy that brings the greatest returns while using up the least resources. More often than not, you may realize that you may need to combine two or even more marketing strategies to get the biggest outcomes. I know we have when we first got started.

It is no secret that many small businesses are investing in online advertising and other newer marketing channels like social media advertising. We think this is very necessary as it is benefits every business to evolve with trends. This however does not mean that email marketing is becoming ineffective.

Contrary to this, companies should use email marketing to promote their businesses even more. This is because email marketing is the one single most effective marketing strategy that local businesses can manipulate to continuously bring awareness to their brand name, products and services to the attention of their customers and prospective clients.

Why Is This?

Most people check their mails daily. If properly directed to the target market, regular emails can be used to consistently and effectively win a customer’s brand loyalty and over time turn non-buying customers into real time customers. If a prospective buyer or a real buyer constantly gets updates about products they are interested in, they will be tempted to buy. If that update comes with promotions and gifts, they will certainly buy. If they continue seeing a company’s logo, colors, or messages in a fun or creative way, this will even breed brand loyalty.

The way you communicate with your customers in your emails to them matters a lot. For example, if you keep sending promotional marketing emails that are only meant to sell your products, customers will get bored and may even unsubscribe from your mail. However, if you get personal, a customer or prospective customer will feel that they are relevant and you care about them beyond the profits you make.

For example; addressing a customer by their first name e.g. “Hi Janet” instead of  ’Dear customer’ and  sharing information about  tips, or upcoming promotions  is a great start. It makes customers feel that they matter individually and not just as part of a list.

This creates familiarity and a lasting impression in the mind of the prospective or occasional buyer. They will in time; look forward to receiving your mail.

If you are already using email marketing as part of your marketing strategy, ensure that you have optimized your email marketing messages to be available on smartphones. This means ensuring that the fonts you use on your email blasts are easily readable on mobile and also small enough in size.

Most consumers now uses their smartphones to gain access to their mail on the go. Optimizing your email marketing campaigns is vital to your email marketing efforts.

Jose Lopez

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